Insulation comes in many forms: including, rock-wool, fiberglass, and foam rigid board. The Insulation Guys recommends  insulating with cellulose or spray foam insulation for your home or business.

Insulation Facts

Adding insulation reduces the average homes energy cost by around 30%.

Insulation is currently reducing the amount of carbon dioxide poising our atmosphere by 780 million tons each year.

For every BTU consumed in the production of insulation, 15 BTU’S are saved each year by the use of insulation.

Did you know the average home lacks about 10 inches of attic insulation?

90% of the homes in the USA are under insulated according to the United States Department of Energy.

Did you know that home insulation saves 600 times more energy a year then all of your CFL bulbs, energy star appliances and energy star windows combined?

According the the department of energy the average household waste upwards to $1080 every year on energy an issue that a good insulation contractor will be able to professionally address.

Do not forget to claim your energy rebates from DTE Energy and Consumers Energy, save upwards to $600 Dollars on the cost of insulation.

Improve energy efficiency with added house installation contact The Insulation Guys today for more information on insulating your home.

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