Injection Foam – Maximum Energy Efficiency

Injection foam insulation has come a long way. In days past sawdust was sometimes poured into walls to diminish heat loss. Next came vermiculite, which was made up of lightweight pebbles that look and feel like cat litter.

Neither can compare to the effectiveness of cellulose insulation or injection foam insulation. Contact your local foam insulation contractor for more information on injection foam insulation.

PRO FACT: 90 % of homes today still use fiberglass batts that are composed of spun glass fibers that are known to cause cancer.

Fiberglass does not even compare to the versatility and effectiveness of the Applegates stabilized cellulose or the injection foam Insulation that is being used today. Your professional foam insulation contractor will be able to tell you when and when not to use injection foam insulation.

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The Insulation Guys is a certified Tripolymer Injection Foam Dealer

hqdefaultTripolymer Insulation is the first and only provider of phenolic-based wall foam insulation. Made in the USA, Tripolymer offers a high-density foam that can be installed into home walls – even over old fiberglass or cellulose!

Tripolymer increases comfort by regulating temperatures, saves money, and protects the environment by making homes energy efficient.

Tripolymer is only installed by certified and trained dealers (we’re one of them!) throughout the United States. Learn more about the science behind Tripolymer on their website.

Professional Injection Foam Insulation in Greater Detroit

With injection foam insulation you’ll be able to live more comfortable and lower your utility expenses. We offer our injection foam insulation services throughout Detroit, Ann Arbor, Warren, Sterling Heights, Plymouth, Livonia, Novi, Canton, Dearborn, Clinton Township, West Bloomfield, Ypsilanti, Farmington, and nearby in Toledo.

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